Celco helps animals

Sławomir Śmiarowski
organizator skarbonki

“someone has o speak up for them as has no voices” - Terry Pratchett, A hat full of sky

Animal protection laws in Poland seem to be terribly flawed and this results in existance of publicly funded animal shelters that are more like concentration camps. Last year one of such places was opened up by police and animal rights activists and 1200 (one thousand two hundred) animals were rescued (see video summarizing this action - audio unfortunately in Polish only: https://youtu.be/r3TEYGbp-Bo ). Now another slaughterhouse is being dismantled and help is needed to rescue these animals - and again we are talking about around 1200 mistreated or tortured animals. Description in Polish of the full action can be found under main link here: https://www.ratujemyzwierzaki.pl/odbier amy-psy-z-wojtyszek


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