ANIMALSTRUCK- we need Your help

Joanna Zaremba
organizator skarbonki

The Foundation for Animals was founded in 2006 from the heart and rescuing stray and abandoned animals .Posiadamy branches in Lodz, Grudziadz, Tychy, Dabrowa Mining and headquarters in Katowice. For almost 10 years our buissnes through our hands over pond 3,000 cats, 400 dogs, desert mice, snakes, rabbits, parrots, turtles, Chinese and other potzrebujące help animals. We are unique in the Polish veterinary doctor's surgery small because only 20 a few meters but we treat it effectively homeless, abandoned animals, sterilize stray dogs and cats are helping to keep wszytskim potrzebującycm. We interventions with municipal guards, fire police and individuals. We transport kilos of food to feeders during the winter, help in transport cages feet with-caught cats for sterilization. We transport a tent for outdoor events, where we draw the children about adoption and sterilization of animals, proper conduct with them. For these all we use our 13 teenage ANIMLTRUCKA undergoing a refurbishment legacy grandfather, who rarely fails us. But it came on time and does not light when you need to quickly go to intervene, carry a cat, you need to fire him from cables, it is not always from whom. Leaking, rusting, chokes up when driving, we tried to save him with our own ways but the farther you can not. He visited a mechanic and that must be repaired urgently -rotting sills and floor -three handles do not give advice to open the door -compressor -electrical installation does not work does not light the counter does not indicate lit. the gear shift (gear pops up and you can not put it) New mergansers brake silencer ABS We priced it the same part of 3000 PLN labor count the 50 discount 1000 PLN we can not afford such an amount is counting on your help

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