Protecting the transport of death

Maya Pakuła
organizator skarbonki

Yesterday, along with a friend, I was at a demonstration against the export of Polish horses to Japan. My heart leaped when I looked into the eyes of these wise animals, strapped to the horse-drawn carriages. I can not imagine that Polish war heroes will be on Japanese tables. Ladies and gentlemen, each even the smallest payment brings us all to the creation of the bill and to further steps to plot a horse from the food chain.  When reading this text you must be aware that at this point deport hundreds of horses to slaughterhouses where they are murdered. Tethered stallions and mares, foals tiny, old and hardworking geldings associated cords which form deep in the body. Slaughterhouse, transport- in these places there is no humanity. This is an animal production. In either place, and finished crying for help animals no one hears.

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