Fund raise to cover the costs of vet care

Agnieszka Mrozińska
organizator skarbonki

Hello :)

I've decided to organize a fund raise for the Felis Foundation - to pay off the debt in NOE veterinary clinic in Lublin. Debt amounts to PLN 9650 and is growing steadily, as the Foundation - in spite of financial difficulties - is still working, still saves cat and dog lives - as well as human, in a sense, because Felis Foundation cats are not only beautiful, but also bring a huge dose of love and happiness into the lives of their new owners.

I ask all of you to support this, let's show the Felis Foundation that it's not alone, that hard and constant work of Katarzyna Denim is appreciated - every penny matters.


50 zł


20 zł


20 zł

Iwona L.F.

20 zł


20 zł


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