Let us save animals - sad, hungry and sick ki...

organizator skarbonki

                       Why in twenty-first century we're still encounter such cruelty? Unfortunately fate - as it is - can be mean for both people and animals. Our volunteers have nothing except open hearts, usually they rely on themselves and mostly their insufficient financial resources in maintaining shelter for animals in need. We know how important is to maintain sterilization in order to prevent further uncontrolled reproduction, we take care of all animals in most those taken in course of intervention. Usually theirs convalescence is very costly, so do not hesitate to support us in any means, future of these poor and sometimes very sick beings lies in our hands. Don't let them die!

                     As everybody knows fate is not always generous for people even if they properly care for their dependants. In such unlikely event Foundation will provide help for owners in a need. In this matter we also would like to ask for your generosity. At this very moment we would like to focus on cats and dogs taken in course of last intervention. Currently we have 11 cats and 3 dogs in need of sterilization, we also have to pay infirmary  bills and minor treatments, diagnosis plus food for now and forthcoming future. Ex Lege Foundation was registered only a few months ago however  in this short period of time we mange to take care of 21 animals in need. Please remember to support us in any way even a small amount can change a lot. Only together we will bring a better life to pets that can not take care of themselves. Faith of thousands of animals lies in our hands.


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Zwierzętom zawsze warto pomóc, same nie pójdą po zasiłek. Powodzenia i wytrwałości w ratowaniu potrzebujących zwierząt!
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