Oreja has a very sick, sore ears

Oreja, a beautiful young bitch. We think that is approximately 3 - 4 years. In July 2016 he went to the shelter Azorek Oborniki from shelter in Jędrzejewo, where she stayed for the last 2 years (its is a matter of agreement between the municipalities of origin found dogs). She is of exceptional beauty. Noteworthy are its relatively large ears. And those ears are very sick. The whole overgrown polyps, abscessed to the extent that they have invaded the worms ... Can you imagine how these ears have hurt? Especially in hot weather :-(.

Oreja is a shy, gentle, cautious girl. He learns to human contact. She hears poorly, but we think it through polyps. Due to the dramatic state of these great ears Oreja went to e frend of Azorek veterinary clinic. Doctors first get rid of the inflammation, pus and worms,
then Oreja waiting operation polyps. We estimate that we need about 2 - 2.5 thousand zloty (500 Euro) for its treatment.

Then we will look for her home. It's a dog in the first half of life.
Let's make that it had the best quality.

Please - Support Oreja's treatment. The costs of treatment overwhelm the capabilities of shelter Azorek. We have to help Oreja :-)

Payments can be made to the account:

IBAN:PL 66 1020 4128 0000 1202 0049 9319 -
with a note " for OREJA"

Pay Pal toz.oborniki@wp.pl -
with a note "for OREJA"

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