The new life for Virus The Cat

Kasia Królak
organizator skarbonki

CATS LOVERS AND NOT ONLY! LET'S DO SOMETHING GOOD TOGETHER – Let’s help a young cat named VIRUS to start better life 

For two months we have been carrying the battle on to rescue this young, sweet fluffy cat and we are very happy that we took him back from the edge of death. He came on our balcony to die. He was weak and skinny, he couldn’t eat… We took him to vet and we had found that this cat had also an ascites, a jaundice, inflammation of the teeth as well as a difficulty with swallowing.

After 2 months and almost 20 visits to vet, he is already doing great. He is infected with FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus), but it is not the life sentence. With proper care, Virus can live long and healthy life, and we are doing the best to provide him good home and prosperous future.

But we also have 10 other cats, who found the loving home with us, and the vet’s bill for EUR 500 is a real problem... We also pay for Virus special convalescence and normal cats meal, transport to vet clinic etc. 

If you can help us to pay the vets bills, Virus and we will be very grateful.

Thank You!

Kasia & Dawid


20 zł


30 zł


Dla kota Wirusa.
40 zł


Dla Wirusa
30 zł


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