March-month of the cat!

Anastasija Beļnikova
organizator skarbonki

Dear everyone,

this year I'm turning 21. My birthday is on 6th March. In March I also have my volunteering anniversary at "Stawiamy na łapy". That's the organisation, whitch helps homeless cats to find new families.  I decided to give them a little gift :)

During the year in foundation I learned, why it's important to help and not to yield in every situation. And I see, how much love I receive from those cats, when I'm with them. I also met great people :) 

So, if You like me and/or cats, or simply like to help others - please, support this event! Than You very much!


25 zł


.. i się uzbierało ;)
21 zł


10 zł


10 zł

Justyna Piasecka

Wszystkiego NAJ!
10 zł


wszystkiego dobrego dla Ciebie i kociaków!

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