Walentynka is knocking at the door of your he...

Anna Głowacka
organizator skarbonki

Histopathological examination of the popliteal lymph node:
histopathological corresponds to odczynowym becomes inflamed,
neoplastic lesions not found :)

after a detailed examination and ultrasound Dr Piotr Dabrowski said, spleen and lymph nodes returned to normal, antibiotics, medicines and vitamins acted, suspicion of lymphoma were excluded.
Valentina gained weight from 2.85 to 3 kg a month, but the hair still does not look impressive but everything is on track.

There are indications for taking periodic blood and urine tests for the presence of oxalate stones in the urine.

By the end of this month I will gather all the veterinary bills and payment and settlement of your medical expenses in our Valentine's Day. Many thanks to all who contributed to the rescue kitty.

I recall that Valentina is waiting for a dream home and Large who will love her without strings attached.

Regards Anna Valentine.

We called her Walentynka because she was found on St Valentine’s Day this year.
The cat is about 10 months old and a volcano of energy. She is now sterilised and ready for adoption. However, recently she has been willing unwell. It is not clear what the matter is but every day, her condition is getting worse.
This is why Walentynka is knocking at the door of your heart.
Until now, basic laboratory tests and ultrasonography have been conducted, but now we need money for a lymph node biopsy and histopathology tests to be performed, as well as for treatment.
Please help us collect money for the diagnostics and treatment for Walentynka before it is too late!




50 zł


Trzymam kciuki Aniu, pozdrawiam Joanna
20 zł


Zdrowia życzę Walentynie.
X zł


Dużo zdrowia Kiciu
5 zł


Zdrowiej, Koteńko!
1 zł


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