Dejzi - German Shepherd needs your help

Emilia Słowińska
organizator skarbonki

Hi Dear!

My name is Dejzi and I'm a long-haired German Shepherd and a happy 8 months bitch (female dog)

I have a wonderful Lady and Lord, whom I love most in the world. Every day, they look after me and we play together I have a lot of energy and love which infects everyone around me!

Unfortunately, for some time something does not give me the opportunity to enjoy the life that I love so much. In 5 month of my life began to ache terribly hind feet did not wait long, my owners took me to my beloved Lord vet and gave me some meds so i quickly fell asleep. By this time the vet x-ray I did my hips. When I tried to wake up I saw that my Lady terribly cried because it turned out that suffer from severe dysplasia of the hip joints have learned that the best solution so that I will be healed is a specialist operation in Germany involving hip replacement with a new one (implant) Unfortunately, the performance of such surgery is very expensive. One such implant costing as much as 1,500 euros! or more than 6 thousand zlotys and operated must be 2 feet away that cost 12 thousand zlotys. The operation can be done when I reach the grow up (October) for the operation has been to me a little time ..

I know that this sum is huge, so calls for assistance in the form of money to you, the people, My Friends

We are able to close this counter .. I know it <3

If you want to know what happens to me happens virtually every day I invite you to my page

Yours Dejz


23 zł

Paulina Kaminiarz

Bazarek dla dejzi od Paulina Kaminiarz
30 zł


Ja juz po operacji kręgosłupa , to teraz czas na ciebie Dejzunia byś czuła sie lepiej ❤️
140 zł

Emilia Słowińska

Za Bazarek Allegro i Wlepki Karolina K , Amelia R , Izabela P , Patrycja K , Adrianna B , Paulina K , Dorota S . :)
20 zł

Anna Orepuk

Mam nadzieję, że piesek będzie zdrowy i radosny. Powodzenia!.
20 zł


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