Ocalenie Koni od Rzezi

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Started: 27 January 2016

Ends: 03 February 2016

Hour: 01:00

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We urgently need your help! We are collecting money to buy out two horses that were destined by their previous owners to be sold... for meat, on the valentines day...

The money we will collect will be spent to buy the horses and transport them to a horse sanctuary. The sanctuary will cover all further costs: maintenance, shelter, medical care and will provide the saved creatures with a lot of love.

In the first instance, we aim to save 2 horses. They are among a bunch of horses that are being sold in the meat markets. Normally those used to "work" as hippotherapists, and serve adults adults and children in multiple ways. They are being sold as a result of injury, the fact that an animal no longer brings profit, change of life circumstances or even a whim of children, no longer interested in horse riding.

As cruel as it sounds, their value is now being counted in kilograms. They are big creatures so we need to collect 10,000 PLN / 1750 GBP / 3650 CAD / 2300 EUR. If they make it to the sanctuary, they can spent the many years of their still long lives among similar saved creatures in a loving and caring environment. Otherwise, to put it crudely, they'll end up in your value lasagne.

We have only two weeks and a lots of money to collect. We believe we can make it happen but we need your help!



Supported by 474 people
10 550 zł (105,5%)