Zrezygnuj z czekolady, zrób kotom lżej!

Małe Szare
organizator skarbonki

Give the chocolate up, help the cats!

Help KOTangens foundation (word play here, "kot" is Polish for "cat" a "kotangens" is Polish for "cotangent"; CATangent foundation if you will) deal with its debt!

Many people would like to help but very often one can't be bothered to follow few simple steps, choose an organization etc.

Did you know that... the lowest amount of money you can donate is 1 PLN? :) If 500 people did this... Not very difficult to see what can be achieved.

It's easier to achieve smaller goals than those great and unreal. This is why I'm appealing to all people who care about the wellbeing of those small (and large) balls of fur; balls of fur often sick, unwantend, abandoned, sometimes without one eye, paw or a tail - I'm appealing and I'm challenging you; let's give up some small pleasures (chocolate, beer, extra nail polish) and donate even the smalles amount to the KOTANGENS foundation which is lead by amazing people devoting their lives to cats. We don't need to devote our lives, it's enough to donate 3, 5, 10 PLN which we usually spend very lightly not realizing that instead of a big chocolate (won't do you much good!) it can be spent on some medicine or a kilogram of cat food.

If you're in doubt I invite you to see the foundation's appeal at https://www.facebook.com/fundacjaKOTangens/ or http://kotangens.org/

Why KOTANGENS? I'm not affiliated with the foundation, my name is Ania, I'm a vet student who loves cats and would like to do something for them.

The time before Christmas is the time of giving therefore lets give to those small (and large), soft, purring balls of fur and collect what we can, so that as many cats' bellies as possible are healthy and full and get the KOTANGENS foundation out of debt at least a little bit.

I'm challenging both chocolate eaters and those who don't touch it - 5 PLN is a drop in a lake of what's needed but drop by drop the lake drains.

Help the people who, day by day, fight for hundreds of cat lives! I'm starting this and donating myself!

I hope we don't rest when we reach the goal and on 6th of December we can bring a huge smiles not only on many cats' mouths but also on the faces of people working in the foundation.


100 zł


żeby świat ten koci i nasz był lepszy
20 zł


20 zł


6,80 zł

dwie czekolady

50 zł


razem damy radę zrobić więcej...
20 zł


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