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The animal welfare act in Poland is outdated and out of step with reality. A number of its regulations are vague in their wording, allowing too much latitude in interpretation. To exacerbate the situation, there is a lack of awareness of the issues involved among representatives of law enforcement and crimes against animals are generally seen as acts that cause little harm to society.​

Centaurus charity has been established in 2006 in the south west of Poland. Its aim is to help and save animals as well as promote hippotherapy - an equine asisted therapy especially benefitting kids with physical and cognitive disabilities. 

I have been helping this charity for the past 2 years and this time I would like to take it a little step further. On 14th September I'll be participating in Copenhagen's half marathon in support of the Centaurus. 

If you like the idea, please put in a few quid, Siepomaga.com uses PayPal.

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