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Janina Czapczyk
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Wiem że masz Wielkie Serce. Nie pozwól na tą śmierć bo wraz z Nimi umrą Ludzkie Serca

TITLE: 'A BAD DREAM' (translation of a subtitles):

Coronavirus kills not only humans.

Over five hundred horses and up to three hundred other animals will die of...HUNGER.

Thanks to the people we are alive and now COVID-19 kills these people.

Please, help us survive. Nothing more than this. Save us!

The world in the face of death forgets about us. And people that support us – now they are dying. We will run out of food and medicines soon.

Please, save the biggest horse (and many other animals) shelter in Europe! We will die of starvation! Don't be indifferent. We beg you for help! Our animal shelter is collapsing. Are we going to die of starvation? Don't let us die. HELP!

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

'Prayer Of Horse' (voice in background):

My swift-footed God of horses

do you really see everything?

Fear, pain, hunger, blood and death...

No one's there in my stable

and I don't know how to get to pasture

I'm terrified

My Lord...

Here is so dark and narrow

and I feel so lonely

despite of all my brothers and sisters

that are going with me

My God,

with your tail so bushy and mane so thick,

I still exist.

And now no one's gonna believe me

that I was created in your image and likeness

There's nothing left of it anymore

and no one would believe it now.

Four-hoofed God,

please, make dying wasn't painful.

Before everything will end

I'd like to ask you for one last favour

Let me dream against all odds

that I canter straight into the sun

and speed straight to the sunlight

Clouds blow in the wind

and I no longer feel anything

and I keep running to you...

(This is a poem but I'm neither a professional translator nor a poetess so my version doesn't rhyme)


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